Friday, July 17, 2009

SmARTSunlimited talent development

Auctions Ends: Friday July 24th at 10pm
Estimated Value:  $500
Opening Bid: $200

Deborah, at SmARTSunlimited in Livermore is offering a semester of KindersmARTS or VocalsmARTS.  Yes, A SEMESTER!

KinderSmarts is a research based music program for children between the ages of 2-6. Classes include study in piano, voice, performance, movement, general instruments knowledge, music notation, and rhythm training, and music history.  Classes are 90 minutes long with 1-6 teacher ratios.  Children are taught in a multi-tiered age system within a prepared, secure classroom environment.

VocalSmarts provides private voice training for individuals ages 7 and up.  VocalSmarts helps students reach their vocal potential through patient coaching and advising. Students are coached in vocal diction, projection, posture, ear training, sight singing, harmony training, poise, and building repetoire and performance experience. Students are given two formal recitals within the studio to perform before a live audience with a trained accompanist. Additionally, students are assisted in finding and preparing for auditions for musical theatre, talent shows, commercials, bands, and other solo performing.

****Please leave your NAME & e-mail address with your bid.


  1. $200 Tracy Melone

  2. $225 Gita Singhal

  3. $250 Juliet Reyes

  4. $275 Marissa Swanson

  5. $285.00 Tracy Melone


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