Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Movies & Ice Cream with Mrs Perkins

Auction Ends: Friday July 10th at 10pm
Estimated Value: Priceless!
Opening Bid: $25

Michelle Perkins, previous (because of layoffs) teacher at Mohr Elementary, is donating her time by taking 4 elementary school age students to a movie and then out for an ice cream cone. This event will need to be redeemed on a weekday before August 14th.  The outing will be from 11:30pm - 2pm.

Thank you Ms Perkins!

(Remember - you must leave your e-mail address with your bid)


  1. $25.00
    MOlly Falcione

  2. $25.00
    Meenu Jain
    Meenu Jain

  3. the bids need to increase in a minimum of $5 increments.....

  4. $40.00
    Heather Ramsay-Macsata


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