Monday, July 13, 2009

Comprehensive Financial Plan by Michelle Higgins

Auctions Ends: Friday July 17th at 10pm
Estimated Value:  $1750
Opening Bid: $200

Michelle Higgins at California Financial Advisors is donating 10 hours to develop a Comprehensive Financial Plan.

Michelle Perry Higgins is a Financial Planner and Principal of CaliforniaFinancial Advisors in San Ramon.  She has more than a decade of experience in the financial services industry.  Ms. Higgins specializes in wealth management, and has built a successful practice advising executive professionals into retirement.  Her passion for financial management has helped hundreds of individuals understand the process of investing and financial planning.  Ms. Higgins is a frequent public speaker and conducts seminars focusing on retirement planning, investments, wealth management, college education funding, estate planning and insurance.

The financial plan will include a balance sheet, as well as a pro forma spreadsheet that analyzes your projected cash flow situation, both now and at critical life junctures, such as retirement and/or a career change.  The financial plan also tracks savings and expense habits, educational savings needs, as well as estate and insurance needs.  Our system is extremely flexible, and is used extensively to compare the short- and long-term impact of financial decisions.

Value - $1750.00

10 hrs of time @ $175.00 per hour

Wow, this is an incredibly generous donation!  Start bidding!

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  1. $200
    Andrea Green

  2. $500
    Sarah Schreiber


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