Thursday, July 16, 2009

Auction News!

Hi there!

A couple changes....

The current auctions are getting pushed too far down the page, so I'm going to "unpublish" the ones that are not ending THIS Friday.  As soon as the current auctions end (Friday 10pm) I will republish the new listings.  If you already placed a bid on a new auction, it will still be there when I republish.

Second, I've had a request to put up an e-mail subscription link.  That way you will get reminder e-mails to check the auctions when there is a new listing.  Just click on the "Subscribe to I Love Pleasanton Schools" link on the top right, and fill out the e-mail info.

And to answer the most common question...YES!  I'm still taking donations!

Lastly, items that are not gift cards or certificates, and thus can't be mailed, will need to be picked up from my Pleasanton home.  I will give you the address upon winning the auction.

Thanks everyone!  


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