Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Babysitting by Donlon K Teacher Ms Kernan - CANCELLED

Auction Ends: Friday July 10th at 10pm
Estimated Value: Your sanity!
Opening Bid:  $25

I'm sorry to have to cancel this auction item.  Stephanie has just learned that she will be teaching in Italy, and that changes her summer commitments.  Thanks for your understanding.

Stephanie Kernan, pink-slipped teacher at Donlon is donating 4 hours of babysitting for up to 5 kids!  Stephanie has a few travel plans this summer, so there are some blackout dates.    July 24-Aug 4 and August 11-16, she will not be available. Must be redeemed before August 14.  

Thank you Ms Kernan!  We are working hard to get you back your job!

(Remember - you must leave your e-mail address with your bid)


  1. I'll start at $25. Good luck Ms. Kernan!
    Andrea Green

  2. $35.00 here
    Molly Falcione

  3. $50.00 Here!
    Sherrie Rager

  4. $55 here
    Kathryn Kramer