Sunday, July 26, 2009

Dance Party at Your Stage Toys

Auction Ends: Friday July 31st at 10pm
Estimated Value: $275
Opening Bid: $100
Your Stage Toys, a new toy store at 63 W. Angela in downtown Pleasanton, is offering a private dance party for kids (ages 4 to 10) with the fabulous Miss Laura - a local professional dance instructor!  The highest bidder can schedule a two hour evening party at our store for a maximum of 12 kids.  Miss Laura will provide dance instruction for the kids while their parents can take advantage of 2 free hours to enjoy downtown Pleasanton.  Parents will enjoy a dance performance at time of pick-up.  Light refreshments are included for the dancers.  To learn more about Your Stage Toys, please visit our website at or stop by and see us at 63 W. Angela!
This would be a great item to go in on with some friends!  Get 3-4 families together and you can have a night on the town!

****Please leave your NAME & e-mail address with your bid.


  1. $100
    Andrea Green

  2. $120
    Tara Fairchild

  3. $150

  4. $155
    Tara Fairchild


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