Friday, August 14, 2009

Twisted Silver Hoops & Bangle (Silver)

Auction Ends: Friday August 14th at 10pm
Estimated Value: $35
Opening Bid: $20

Twisted Hoops silver

Classic hoops with the edginess of tarnished silver lets everyone know you’re Twisted!

Whisper Bangle Silver

Alone, it’s just the faintest subtle whisper of a bangl

e to add an understated accent. Stack up several

in silver and gold and cause a fashion commotion!

Element: Silver finish on brass
Weight: .25 oz
Size: 2 1/2 inch bangle

****Please leave your NAME & e-mail address with your bid.


  1. $20
    Jeri Ann May

  2. Oh I just noticed it's after 10pm, but no one else bid on it. Does it count? Not sure if any more auctions will continue to raise funds for next year's budget.

    Jeri Ann