Friday, August 7, 2009

Math Tutoring - Alvin Dacosta

Auction Ends: Friday August 14th at 10pm
Estimated Value: $160
Opening Bid: $75

Up for auction is 4 hours of Math Tutoring by Alvin Dacosta.

Alvin graduated from the School of Engineering at San Jose State University.  He was first introduced to tutoring in college and worked as a tutor throughout college in order to pay his tuition.  His experience in working with many students has enabled him to develop various techniques for tutoring students with different learning capabilities.  Alvin has an innovative style that captures the attention of most students that he works with.  For more info on Alvin and his tutoring experience please visit his website:

****Please leave your NAME & e-mail address with your bid.

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  1. $75 Jim


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