Thursday, June 25, 2009

Swank Mommy Necklace

Auction Ends: Friday July 3rd at 10pm
Estimated Value: $100-$130
Opening Bid: $25
Swank Mommy is donating a stylish  Pleasanton Schools Signature Loop.  As an option they will back stamp it with "I heart Pleasanton Schools"  and then on the front you can put your precious child or children's names on the the front.  As an added bonus, you can also add birthstones!

Swank Mommy Co-Founders Ali & Erin are both products of the Pleasanton school district and are super excited to give back to their hometown!  Thank you Swank Mommy!

***Swank Mommy also says "we would love for the parents and supporters to be able to order the Pleasanton Schools Loop. We would love to supply gift cards to you for all of your participants so that they have the opportunity to order this beautiful piece for their friends or family members!  The card will allow them to get a 10% discount and then 10% of all sales of the Pleasanton Schools loop would come back to your District!"  
E-mail me at for your Swank Mommy 10% off Gift Card


  1. Ok, I totally want this! I will start the bidding at $35~

  2. So I'll up the annte to $45.

  3. Lisa- don't you have enough of these? ;)

  4. $80.00 ~

  5. I'll bid $90.00

  6. $100


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