Monday, June 29, 2009

Estate Planning with a Lawyer

Auction Closes: Friday July 3 10pm
Estimated Value: $450
Starting Bid: $50

Shirley White, of Shirley White Law is generously donating an estate plan:

"Everyone needs an estate plan, especially if you have children.  Not only will you be helping your children with bidding on this item because you are supporting their schools, but you will also be taking care of them by naming guardians for them.  For this auction item, I will prepare a simple estate plan for you.  This includes a consultation, a Will (names guardians and those you would like to receive your estate), Durable Power of Attorney (names a person to take care of your financial affairs in case of your incapacity), and a Health Care Directive (states your medical wishes, i.e life support or no life support).  If at the consultation we determine you need more than merely a simple will, I will deduct $450 off your estate plan."

This is one of those things we all know we need, but most of us put off actually DOING. This is your perfect opportunity to get it done!  Start the bidding!


  1. I'll start the bidding at $50. Thanks, Nancy

  2. I'll bid $55.
    Best regards, Sheryl Buscheck

  3. $65. Thanks so much. Carolyn Z.

  4. MaryEllen Rodda $100

  5. I'll bid $125!

    Leslie M

  6. I'll bid $140
    Sheryl Buscheck

  7. I'll bid $150
    Kelli Luck

  8. I bid $200

  9. In case there is another one. I'd love to bid at least $300
    Cindy Z


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